User Research, UX Design


For CHI 2015, the challenge was to design a product, application, technology, or service that enables people who are a new and completely unexplored user group in any country to appropriate things and technologies around them.
After considerable brainstorming and research we decided to build a platform for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding. UNESCO has adopted many intangible heritage elements that help demonstrate the diversity of the heritage and works towards raising awareness about its importance. We have built a service where both artists as well as consumers interested in arts can connect with each other and benefit mutually.

Tools: Visio, Axure RP, Adobe Effects

Team Size: 4


User Research


The user research involved (a) whitepaper analysis to understand what other efforts have been done in the past  and (b) detailed interview with three sections of people: Old artists who make a living by selling the arts/performing the skills classified by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage; young artists who are learning these arts/skills; government officials who work closely with UNESCO team to preserve and promote intangible cultural heritage.




Site Map


Creating the sitemap helped communicate an overview of the application. This also helped design the navigation effectively.





The wireframes went through multiple usability tests and iteration cycles.

Live Website Pages


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