User Research, Social Theories, Counseling

Psychology_headerOver the past 10 years, I’ve been strengthening my skills in the area of User behavior modeling and prediction

Tools: Problem Solving, Counseling, Social Theories, Psychological Assessment, User Research


Paper Presentation


Authored and presented multiple papers on social psychology and user behavior in leading international conferences.


Psychology Certifications


I) Psychological Assessment and Competency Building:

The six-month workshop focused on theories and practical implementation of the following psychological tools.

Abacus Consulting: Evaluated 200 psychometric tests


II) Counseling and Guidance:

The course focused on skill development for successful counseling sessions such as body language, active listening, observation, structuring and summarizing, non-judgmental attitude, flexibility and empathy

Quadrangle Consulting: Counseled 150 employees.


Women’s Forum



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