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Recall was created as part of a hackathon. It is a mobile app that transcribes phone conversations and saves snippets containing important details that are easily searchable. We used a condensed version of the user centered design process to design our solution in under 9 hours.

We designed a mobile app that can record and transcribe phone conversations, saving only those snippets containing important details. Users can search for recent conversations by context, such as where, when, or who with the conversation happened, see important details recognized within the conversation, and quickly act on them (for example add a date to their calendar, or a URL to their bookmarks).

Tools Used: Google SketchUp, Apple Keynote

Team Size: 5

We started by interviewing people at the hackathon about the various problems they face while having phone conversations. We also asked them ways they keep notes of the conversation or anything important. Based on the observations, we created an Affinity Diagram and categorized the observations into 3 categories – conversations, self/personal and group discussions.


Affinity Diagram


Recall AM


Paper Prototype

Based on our the Affinity Diagram, we moved to the explorer phase where we brainstormed various ideas. Using the concept of divergence and convergence, we narrowed down our focus to how this problem can be solved from phone coversations. We designed a mobile app as the conversations are over phone.

Recall, the app we prototyped, would automatically transcribe phone calls and save important snippets of these conversations. These snippets can then be easily searched and saved as notes. Some of the key features of the app include:

  • A timeline of snippets from recent conversations.
  • The ability to search for specific conversations by their participants, date, time, and location.
  • Filtering snippets by recognized keywords: Date, time , location, email, url’s, and phone numbers etc.
  • A manual record mode for in-person conversations.








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