May 20

Don’t Make Me Think

Who here likes coffee??? Imagine a cold winter Monday morning. And because its Seattle, imagine a cold, windy, rainy winter Monday morning. You reach office and the first thing you want is a hot cup of coffee. Lets assume you want Latte (I know you want Espresso shots - but... read more →
May 17

Make the most of your internship

I interned at Blizzard Entertainment, a video game developer and publisher of games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone and Starcraft. I have had a successful stint of six months and I want to share my experiences: A few things which worked for me and I would recommend all aspirants... read more →
Apr 11

Where does the scope of UX end?

Recently I have seen a new wave of system intelligence where the mobile app or software accesses data from other apps on the device making it easier for the user when they are filling out forms or contact information etc. For example, when you log in 'Lyft- the transportation network... read more →
Feb 17

Storytelling Using Videos

I recently started making videos and I cannot stress enough how useful they are when you are conveying a story. Its a quick, interactive, engaging way of conveying a lot of information. Here I want to share a few quick and dirty tips which will make the task easier for anyone... read more →
Jan 31

Windows Phone Delete Button

I live in Bellevue and therefore like everyone else, I am surrounded by Microsoft and its products. I actually love my Windows Phone for most parts – the front screen is attractive and its action tiles are actually very convenient and helps to get things done quickly. However, there is... read more →
Oct 10
Oct 03

Life Is Too Short For a Crappy UX

I have borrowed this line from #Idean and I completely and truly believe in it. The submission process for Imagine Cup (2015) was against everything UX stands for. It was confusing, time consuming, required excessive cognitive load, had unclear flow and much more. I interviewed 8 of my peers who... read more →
Sep 30

User Research in Ghana, Africa

I traveled to Ghana, Africa in September 2015 in the role of User Researcher to understand the connotation and relevance of iconography in mobile phones for rural and urban Ghanaians. In a few short years, the proliferation of mobile phone networks has transformed communications especially in African countries like Ghana.... read more →
Jul 14

What a mess – every day!

This yoghurt place needs a serious re-design! I love frozen yoghurt and was therefore naturally happy to see a new place open up right in the heart of Bellevue – very convenient from my place. The yoghurt shops have small sample cups to try out the different flavors before you... read more →
May 31

Windows Phone “Settings”

I have been using windows phone for about three years now but no matter how much I love it everytime I go to the Settings page I leave the page a bit frustrated. If you go to the current Settings Page on Windows phone it has a long list of... read more →